Self Employed


As a self-employed small business owner, company or trust, it is essential to balance your repayments with ever changing cash flow. A few simple products may be able to assist. If you are able to provide at least 2 years tax returns to verify income you should be eligible for the standard home loans available to all.

However should this not be possible an alternative to a standard home loan is a low document home loan (Lo Doc). These loans are specifically designed for self-employed people who have difficulty in verifying their income.

With a Lo Doc Home Loan you self-certify (declare) your income. Simply provide your Business Activity Statements (BAS) to support your declared income. Many lenders also require a clean credit history. A Lo Doc loan has many of the same features as a standard home loan such as interest only, fixed, line of credit, 100% offset, and redraw, however the maximum loan will be 80% of the value of the property and will require Lenders Mortgage Insurance if above 60%.